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Anna's Little League Dreams Come True

Annas Little League Dreams Come True
Author: KP Baker

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Do you have a little girl that loves to play sports in the backyard? She couldn't wait for the day that it was her turn to stand at house plate, hit the ball and run the bases. In “ Anna's Little League Dreams Come True” Anna learns how to comply with through on her dreams, sticking to her passions and making her dreams of playing baseball come true. He made sure that Anna was ready to hit the fields the minute she turned 5! Introduce her to Anna in “ Anna's Little League Dreams Come True” to make sure that she can see just how exciting it could be to fulfill her dreams of playing her favorite sport utilizing a team, whether it is baseball, like Anna, or any other sport. Anna can be a fun-loving 5-year old girl that grew up watching her older brother play baseball for the last 4 years. She felt like she knew everything there was to understand about tee ball, since not just did she watch her brother play, he also spent a lot of hours with her within the backyard practicing baseball. Anna joined her team which included her best friend Tim, on the Diamonds, and showed everyone just how much she knew about baseball. “ Anna's Little League Dreams Come True” is really a great technique to spend time talking to your daughter about following through on her dreams. No matter how much experience your daughter has, if she features a passion for a sport, she should follow through on her dreams. Take your kid along on Anna's journey immediately after which speak to her about her dreams and how the two of you can make them a reality. Sometimes girls hesitate to join in on the sports which can be regarded “ boys' sports”, but Anna shows that anyone that has a passion for the game can jump appropriate in and play. At her very first game she hit the ball to center field and even made an out at 1st base.


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