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Sports Illustrated Kids Big Book Of Why Sports Edition

Sports Illustrated Kids Big Book Of Why
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Sports Illustrated for Kids

Author: Sports Illustrated Kids

Sports Illustrated Kids The Big Book Of Why Sports Edition written by Sports Illustrated Kids is a brilliant book. Written by Sports Illustrated Kids and it was published on the 7th of August, 2012 by Sports Illustrated for Kids. This version is the 1st ed. of the child's book has 128 pages. For more information on this child's book, click on the shopping cart add to shopping cart button below.

Why are 3 goals referred to as a hat trick? A must-have book for any curious young sports fan, the dynamic content is distinctly"Sports Illustrated Kids"inside the way it entertains as it informs, focusing on the fun kids derive from their enjoyment of sports and presenting big, exciting action photographs from the Sports Illustrated collection. Why don't the Cleveland Browns have a logo on their helmet? Why do golf balls have dimples? Divided into four levels of difficulty - a professional level, an All-Star level, an MVP level and a Hall of Fame level - each answer is provided not merely with an in-depth explanation on the science, history or origin of the particular subject matter, but with photos and illustrations that help make the details easy to digest. Why is"Take Me Out for the Ballgame"sung all through the seventh-inning stretch? Why do Olympic swimmers flip when they turn in the end from the pool? A four-part interactive quiz at the back from the book invites readers to locate the greatest adult sports fans they know and make an work to stump them with all the fascinating insider expertise the book delivers.


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