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True Heroes Of Baseball: The Stories Of Jackie Robinson And Roberto Clemente

True Heroes Of Baseball The Stories
ASIN: B004UM98U2

Homerunweb Books

Author: David Martinez

The author is David Martinez and it was published in March of 2011 by Homerunweb Books. The children's book is 18 pages long. Many people declare they never have enough time to read, yet reading can also be an effective utilization of time, especially with the correct book. To obtain your very own print of this children's book, check out the market link on this page.

“ True Heroes of Baseball: The Story of Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente” is about two inside the most well-known and most substantial players in baseball history. If you're interested in finding out about these two remarkable men, “ True Heroes of Baseball” might be the perfect place to start. It tells the story of how they overcame difficult challenges and, through the force of their will and determination, became more than just athletes— they became honest-to-goodness heroes. Written with style and sophistication by David H. Martinez, the critically praised author of “ The Book of Baseball Literacy” (now in its 3rd edition and available as a Kindle ebook) , this brief ebook is aimed at young readers who are just learning about baseball history and want to locate out about two of its most considerable figures. The two stories are about 2,500 words each and may possibly be read in just one sitting. They are not complete biographies. Rather, they are biographical sketches that provide details about how Robinson and Clemente turned themselves into superstars, led their teams to the heights of victory, and earned the respect of fellow players, fans, and sportswriters everywhere. It is also perfect for parents who want to study to their youngsters about players who exemplify what it indicates to persevere, show courage, and achieve a much better purpose.


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